Sunday, July 31, 2022

Woman caught in adultery - a Jewish law story - Go and Sin No More

Roman law forbade Jews from carrying out execution
If Jesus had stoned her .. they could have Roman soldiers arrest him
The Jews were trying to trap him
Jesus wrote on the ground with his finger  … 
    Just as God wrote the Ten Commandments with his finger
   Telling them he was fit to judge her ,,, and them
He then asks them which of them has no sin in their lives 
   He knew they were all still sinning
   He saw them as hypocrites not fit to judge 
   Jewish law required they had never committed adultery 
   They began to leave one by one .. convicted
   Soon there were not the three required witnesses against
Jesus had saved her from the punishment she deserved
And while he did not condemn her there … he did order her to go and sin no more.

This is an analogy for what he is willing to do for all of us
  We deserve death (the wages of sin)
   But God does not condemn us 
   He offers us a chance while we still have life 
   God is a holy judge and must carry out his law and punishment
   God had Jesus give his blood on the cross to cover out past sins
  This allows God to pardon those who follow Jesus
  But we must repent of all our sins going forward to get his pardon

Jesus did not condemn her .. but told her to go and sin no more - he offers you the same .. for the moment.

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