Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Do you need a Miracle?

Do you need a miracle? 

 The answer is in how you pray. Jesus tells us in John 14:13 that if we ask it in his name he will do it for the glory of the Father. This is the cornerstone of miracles, asking in the name of Jesus is crucial to having prayer answered. The name of Jesus is the key.

 The most important element you provide is in your belief. Jesus rebukes his disciples in Mathew 17:20 because they could not remove a demon from a man. He explained that the reason they failed was because of their unbelief. The solution to their lack of faith was prayer and fasting to give them the faith they needed to perform the task. Your belief is critical. 

 These are three miracles given to me, a man who deserved them less than any man. If God did this for someone like me, he is waiting to this and more for you.

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