Sunday, July 31, 2022

Chr-Islam †☪ - One World Religion - Jesus of Islam VS. Jesus of the Bible

The Tribulation Period

The Bible
“Beast - leader (ultimate anti christ) will appear and be worshiped.” Islamic Mardi or 12th Immam will appear and lead all to follow Islam.
“False prophet - 2nd beast - will soon appear to help the Beast Leader”

The false prophet will have horns like a lamb - Jesus was the Lamb

This false prophet will force all to woship the Beast leader

This flase prophet will force all to take a mark of the beast or be killed
Their false Jesus (Isa) will soon appear to help the 12th Immam

This Isa (false Jesus) will smash the cross and be a radical muslim

Isa - (false Jesus) will force all to worship the 12 immam - Mardi

Isa will kill all who dissobey and do not worship the Immam - become muslims
“10 Kings will rise up given power for one hour".

They will have one mind - Only to worship and serve the Beast.
(What king or leader would worship?)

They will destroy the harlet whore who is the city of 7 hills (Rome) that has loved the blood of christians

They will unknowingly do this at the desire of God who will end the COEXIST movement here.
Islam will rise to follow the Mardi - 12th Imam

They all will worship this 12th Immam
(All Islam will worship the 12th immam - including the 10 kings)

They will destroy all other religions - including the COEXIST which the Beast leader has used up till now.

Islam will spread using the COEXIST movement of the pope but they will have no problem turning on the pope.

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